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Welp, I went to my Dr. appointment yesterday. After having contractions the day before, he checked my cervix. I’m 1.5 centimeters and 80% effaced. Finally, progress. Its not much, but at least there’s an end in sight.
I’m still contracting off and on, so hopefully I’ll have more news soon. Till then, I’ll be resting and taking long walks.
See you next post.


38 weeks

Maybe I shouldn’t do this to myself, but I’ve been watching a lot of labor and delivery shows lately. I suppose I’m trying prep myself for what’s about to happen. I watch these women who decide to go au naturale… God bless you. I am not one of these women. Give me drugs. I have nothing to prove, I’ve been through this twice already. Why change now?
13 days (or less) to go. I’ve gained 60 lbs (good grief).
We are packed and ready to go. Diaper bag is ready and my bag is packed (now only if daddy would pack his stuff). I’ve been walking daily and using my yoga ball to help move this baby along. Sleep is a thing of the past. I pee every hour. Plus, my pelvic area is still in pain. Getting up from sitting or laying down… Its a task.
Nesting is difficult because I can’t move the way I want.

We are hoping this is the week she wants to come out. My doctors appointment is Wednesday and I better be dilated.
More updates soon, I hope.

*My favorite outfit. Bought it from thredup.com for less than $4

This girl is going to be a Fashion Queen

I’m back in Charlotte after a 2 week vacation in Florida. It was relaxing. The girls are spending the rest of the summer there while I await for baby Khloë’s arrival here. I’m just going to say this… It is hot as hell in Charlotte. I left Florida’s 87 degree weather to come back to 105 degrees. The kids had the right idea in staying. Oh well, welcome to the third trimester.
I’ll be spending my days indoors with the a/c running. In the mean time, I’ll be putting together Khloë’s things. We got a lot of things from the baby shower, not to mention all of the sales I managed to get to.

She has piles of clothes already. Its almost an outfit a day for at least two months. Talk about fashion queen. I’ve never seen one girl with so many tu-tu’s.
I haven’t left my two older girls out. They’ll be back right before Khloë’s arrival in August. To prepare my girls for this event, I’ve gotten them these shirts..

August can’t come soon enough.

If I could make a suggestion

For those of you who are pregnant out there and don’t feel like bothering with maternity wear, can I make a suggestion. Old Navy yoga capri’s. I bought them today, and I must say these are the most comfortable capri’s I’ve ever worn. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?

These capri’s are a life saver. I have officially outgrown all of my regular clothes, borrowed big clothes, and maternity clothes. They are soft and wrap nicely around my bulging tummy. Again, why didn’t anyone tell me?

Milk Jugs

We are approaching the third trimester. Its the homerun stretch. Soon Khloë will make her debut. I cannot wait. Seriously. I’m ready for her to make an exit. My body is tired and my chest…whoa. I’ve had two babies, and my chest has never been this big, this early. I call these things on my chest, Milk Jugs. Sure, they look great when I wear a tank top, but the pain and weight, ugh. I actually don’t know what size they are (that’s my project for this month, get measured). I started out in what I call the itty bitty committee, 34 a. They were non-existent before pregnancy. The one person who is very pleased with this growth is my significant other. He couldn’t be happier. Good for him. I’m the one lugging these jugs around.