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I’ve had enough relaxin….

– Relaxin: A hormone that is produced during pregnancy that facilitates the birth process by causing a softening and lengthening of the cervix and the pubic symphysis (the place where the pubic bones come together). Relaxin also inhibits contractions of the uterus and may play a role in determining the timing of delivery.
From MedTerms.com

You may be wondering why I started off this post with a definition. Well, Relaxin is hindering my nesting process. How, you may be asking? My pelvis hurts. No, not your normal pelvic pregnant pain. Im talking about the ‘I can’t move at all without assistance pain’.
My doctor, of course, wasn’t any kind of help. After some questions and help from others, I now know what is wrong. Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction.
What the hell is that?
Basically too much of the relaxin hormone softened and separated my pubic area. I’ve had two kids….this has never happened before and I’ve never been in this much pain. Just taking a shower is agony. Standing and trying to walk, I better have help. Tylenol helps a little, but not enough.
I would love to just lay in bed and try to avoid the pain, but there’s a problem with that. Nesting. I want to clean. Push a vacuum, wash the baseboards, scrub the bathrooms. Yep, not going to happen. If the significant other finds me laid out on the floor from vacuuming, it’ll be the last thing he’ll let me do before the baby comes.
Now here’s my other concern. Don’t laugh. When I tell people they laugh. I’ve had two kids, both vaginal. And now, I have a very relaxed birth canal. Is this third baby going to shoot right out when it’s time? Seriously? I don’t want to be on the way to the hospital and have her shoot out in the car.


The nesting bug

I do believe I’ve been bitten by a little nesting bug this week. I decided to do some laundry, and ended up washing everything I could get my hands on. I looked under our kitchen sink and saw bottles, tools, just products everywhere. Well, that’s my next project.
I also realized I needed to get my baby shower list finalized. So, after a few emails, I cut my list down to 30 people. I sent off my final list to my hostess. After cleaning/deleting random emails, I cleaned off the desk. I’m actually tired after all this, but there’s so much more I’ll be tackling this weekend. I peeked behind our couch and saw crayons and markers. Please don’t let me get started on the dust.
My plants even felt the wrath of my nesting bug. I cleaned up my window sill and repotted them into new pots and soil.
Today is a slow day. I checked my blood pressure and it was a little high. So, cleaning has come to a halt.
It is a little early for me to have nesting set it. With my last two pregnancies, it hit at around 30 weeks. I’m 21 weeks currently.
Have you been bitten by the nesting bug? If you have, what week did it hit you?

Just a quick post

I think I was hit with a little bit of the nesting bug today. After blogging this morning, I decided to jump on the scale. I haven’t weighed myself since last weeks checkup. I was 145 last Monday. This Monday, 150. What? Why? 5 lbs? *A little background: I am naturally thin. Before pregnancy weight was 119. I’m 19 weeks this week.*
After my mini panic attack and a quick message to my boyfriend about my weight (to which he responded “good, very good”), I decided to clean our bathroom. I’m talking about bleach and gloves type cleaning. It wasn’t a big mess or anything, but I did want it sanitized. I scrubbed the tub, cleaned down the sink and mirror, and even cleaned the toilet. Then I started the laundry. Me and the girls are going down to Florida to visit my parents next week, so we are going to need clean clothes. By the time I finished all of this, the little one was doing handstands in my stomach. Time to call it quits.