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She’s Here

Well, after laboring for 17 hours, and pushing for 30 minutes, Khloé Felicity was born into this world on August 15 at 7:26 a.m. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long. After 38.5 weeks of gestation, she’s here.
Its been over a week now, and we are happy but TIRED. Khloé is definitely a character. I will be back to update on our progress and add pictures, but she’s napping now and this is my only chance to clean up. Till then, I’ll leave you with a picture of my little Diva.


Hello Week 29 *note out of order, I thought I posted this weeks ago*

Well, here we are. Week 29. Khloë has been kicking and beating me up at a pretty consistent rate. She’s about 2.5 lbs and I think space is becoming limited.
What have we been up to the last couple weeks:
One nights stay at the hospital
One case of influenza w/ my daughter
Low back pain where I can barely walk

I spiked a fever and had a terrible case of non-stop bathroom action. Then, I couldn’t go to the bathroom anymore. I’d sit there, and nothing. My stomach never stopped cramping. So, my significant other called up the good doctor, and off to the hospital we went. They kept me overnight since I had a fever and diagnosed me with G.I. something (sorry, memory is terrible these days).
Being in the hospital was a good precursor to what I need to bring and be prepared for.
We are getting ready for our much needed trip to Florida. The girls are spending the summer with the grandparents. I will be there for 2 weeks and head back here for a long hot summer free of kids. I am excited because my baby shower will be in Florida. I can’t wait to see my friends.

Milk Jugs

We are approaching the third trimester. Its the homerun stretch. Soon Khloë will make her debut. I cannot wait. Seriously. I’m ready for her to make an exit. My body is tired and my chest…whoa. I’ve had two babies, and my chest has never been this big, this early. I call these things on my chest, Milk Jugs. Sure, they look great when I wear a tank top, but the pain and weight, ugh. I actually don’t know what size they are (that’s my project for this month, get measured). I started out in what I call the itty bitty committee, 34 a. They were non-existent before pregnancy. The one person who is very pleased with this growth is my significant other. He couldn’t be happier. Good for him. I’m the one lugging these jugs around.

What? Me, artsy craftsy? Never….

I have never been a diy girl. When I shop, I buy finished products. I’ve always been a busy person, always on the go. No time for diy. A scrapbook or two have been attempted before, but those remain unfinished. Baby books have gaps between the years.
My girls have been attending diy classes on Saturdays. They’ve built planters, terrariums, and trucks so far. It’s been fun to watch them have fun building things on their own. At times, I want to join in. Whoa. Did I just say that? Me, getting artsy craftsy? Yes.
Since moving to Charlotte and being pregnant, I’ve been wanting to be more diy. I have my mini gardens at the window sills (my boyfriend calls it a jungle). With Khloë on the way in 3 months, I want to make some things for her. So I’ve decided my first project will be… *drum roll please* to make her a….

I looked online for a style I liked and this one pictured is closest to what I want. The only difference will be a zebra print. Big project, right? I’ll be heading to my local crafts store this week to find materials. My next project will be a ABC personalized frame I saw featured on le zoe musings from The Stamping ‘Roo (links below).
Now, these are my first projects so I hope they come out great. Either way, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.



Too Cute

I have a confession. I’m 6 months and 2 days pregnant…and I’ve bought nothing for my little one. Not a bottle, a binky, or a pamper. There, I said it.
This pregnancy, as I blogged in earlier posts, is very different than my previous ones. I was so organized and I began a stock pile for my girls the minute I knew I was pregnant. I don’t know what has happened.
Well, that has changed today. I used the site thredUP to pick out some baby clothes. My first package has arrived today.

It’s so adorable, right?
Well, hopefully this will put me on the right track to stock piling for the little one.

I just started using thredUP to trade in my older kids clothes to get clothes for the little one. You get a $5 credit when you join.


I don’t remember my hormones being this bad. It has been about 8 years since I’ve been pregnant. My face is teenage like. Pimples just pop up wherever. No amount of scrubbing my face or water drinking makes a difference.
*I am open to suggestions.
My emotional side, a whole other story. Pre-pregnancy I was not a crier. I’m tough, stubborn, take no crap from anyone. These days, I watch a movie or the news and get emotional. Tears well up, and I either turn the channel because I can’t take it or just keep watching. Last night for example, I watched HLN and 19 Kids and counting. I’ve been watching the Trayvon Martin shooting, and I get emotional whenever I see the mother. She just wants to know what happened to her son and no one has any straight answers. So I shout at the tv, someone tell her what happened, this isn’t right for her not to know why her baby is gone. My boyfriend thinks I’ve gone mad.
Then I watch 19 kids, and it’s the episode where she’s pregnant and finds out during an ultrasound the baby has died. After watching this, I tossed and turned all night. I kept tapping on my own stomach making sure my little one gave me a good kick. I just couldn’t imagine what they went through. I am just thankful for my growing family. Just thinking about it again has me emotional again.