Quick Update

I’ve spent my entire pregnancy having early morning doctor visits. Yesterdays appointment was at 4pm. It was wonderful! I barely sat in the waiting room. I went right in. I’m thinking afternoon appointments are better.
Well on to the technical things.
Baby Khloé (yes we’ve changed the ë to é) is growing just fine. 34 weeks. Normal heart rate. Cervix is completely shut. Doctor suspects she’ll be out around 37 weeks since this isn’t my first. They weighed me. I cringed. This blog may turn into a weight loss journey afterwards. I’ve gained a lot. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
My significant other asked the doctor if there’s any chance that Khloé may actually be a boy. She laughed so hard and told him no worries. Khloé had better be a she… All these girl items that she has already accumulated…


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