This girl is going to be a Fashion Queen

I’m back in Charlotte after a 2 week vacation in Florida. It was relaxing. The girls are spending the rest of the summer there while I await for baby Khloë’s arrival here. I’m just going to say this… It is hot as hell in Charlotte. I left Florida’s 87 degree weather to come back to 105 degrees. The kids had the right idea in staying. Oh well, welcome to the third trimester.
I’ll be spending my days indoors with the a/c running. In the mean time, I’ll be putting together Khloë’s things. We got a lot of things from the baby shower, not to mention all of the sales I managed to get to.

She has piles of clothes already. Its almost an outfit a day for at least two months. Talk about fashion queen. I’ve never seen one girl with so many tu-tu’s.
I haven’t left my two older girls out. They’ll be back right before Khloë’s arrival in August. To prepare my girls for this event, I’ve gotten them these shirts..

August can’t come soon enough.


3 thoughts on “This girl is going to be a Fashion Queen

  1. Those baby and big sister clothes are so cute! I’m due early September with our first and today started a light wash on all of the clothes and blankets our little girl has received already! Glad I didn’t wait until after our shower in August. The laundry basket was so full that I had to ask my husb to take it downstairs for me! 🙂

    Cool wishes from a fellow preggo hiding indoors with the A/C… and lemon italian ice! 🙂

      • I totally get it! Our initial anatomy scan was NOT convincing at all… But due to suspected complications, and to play it safe, doc had us get an extra ultrasound Thursday. Got the confirmation of a girl that we wanted. And none of the suspected complications! 🙂

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