What? Me, artsy craftsy? Never….

I have never been a diy girl. When I shop, I buy finished products. I’ve always been a busy person, always on the go. No time for diy. A scrapbook or two have been attempted before, but those remain unfinished. Baby books have gaps between the years.
My girls have been attending diy classes on Saturdays. They’ve built planters, terrariums, and trucks so far. It’s been fun to watch them have fun building things on their own. At times, I want to join in. Whoa. Did I just say that? Me, getting artsy craftsy? Yes.
Since moving to Charlotte and being pregnant, I’ve been wanting to be more diy. I have my mini gardens at the window sills (my boyfriend calls it a jungle). With Khloë on the way in 3 months, I want to make some things for her. So I’ve decided my first project will be… *drum roll please* to make her a….

I looked online for a style I liked and this one pictured is closest to what I want. The only difference will be a zebra print. Big project, right? I’ll be heading to my local crafts store this week to find materials. My next project will be a ABC personalized frame I saw featured on le zoe musings from The Stamping ‘Roo (links below).
Now, these are my first projects so I hope they come out great. Either way, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.




5 thoughts on “What? Me, artsy craftsy? Never….

  1. Love the blanket! Be sure to let us know how it turns out! So glad you are going to make a personalized nursery frame! I’ll be curious to see if yours looks more like Kellie’s version from le zoe musings or mine.

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to get these projects done before the little one arrives. The blanket will take some time due to the fact the sewing machine is in Florida (lol I forgot to bring it back while on vacation, pregnancy brain)

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