3, 1, 6, 4

You’re probably wondering what the numbers mean. Right? Well, here it is.
3 Months
1 Week
6 Days
4 Hours
Until my due date. Are the rest of you pregnant moms counting down like me. This week my little one has discovered her little hands. I’m not sure if she’s in there fist pumping the night away or tickling me. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since December. I’m tired of sleeping on my left side. Lets just say I’m ready for August to be here.


11 thoughts on “3, 1, 6, 4

  1. My little boy has found that he can have the hiccups 24/7. He rolls around all the time now in there. He is always kicking, punching, and stretching the days away, along with the nights. He is a very active baby. My due date is 6weeks and 4 days away. =-) I’m very excited.

    • Actually I’m sleeping just fine. I have to sleep with one pillow under my belly with one behind my back. I move a lot in my sleep but I only wake up twice to use the bathroom. Now if I get woke up at 7am it’s hard to go back to sleep but I manage. My husband gets yelled at a lot to stop trying to hold my hand. I feel sorry for him. lol. I’m 33weeks and 3 days. I’m just now starting to have braxton hicks and I can no longer cook meals. I have to let my mother in law do the cooking. I still go around trying to clean but my husband likes me to just sit down most of the day. lol

  2. We bought the boppy mom pillow. It helps a little with sleep. As far as cleaning and meals, nesting has set in and I do as much as my body allows. But, I’ve been delegating a lot lately to my daughters things I can’t get done.

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