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Milk Jugs

We are approaching the third trimester. Its the homerun stretch. Soon Khloë will make her debut. I cannot wait. Seriously. I’m ready for her to make an exit. My body is tired and my chest…whoa. I’ve had two babies, and my chest has never been this big, this early. I call these things on my chest, Milk Jugs. Sure, they look great when I wear a tank top, but the pain and weight, ugh. I actually don’t know what size they are (that’s my project for this month, get measured). I started out in what I call the itty bitty committee, 34 a. They were non-existent before pregnancy. The one person who is very pleased with this growth is my significant other. He couldn’t be happier. Good for him. I’m the one lugging these jugs around.


Ugh… I feel like crap..

Against by better judgment, I let my significant other make dinner. Normally, he chooses things like pizza or wings. You know, normal guy foods. Its quick, easy, and the kids love it.
Yesterday he chose…Steak-umms.

Well it was tasty. The girls loved it of course. He was overjoyed. I was fine until night rolled around. Then the nausea set in.
Let me say this before I continue. I’ve been through a lot during this pregnancy. I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and later on, developed SCH (Subchorionic Hematoma). With all of that going on, nausea has never been an issue.

So what was going on last night? Khloë was not pleased. Her Kung Fu was very strong last night. She didn’t stop moving. My best friend last night was the trash can and bathroom. I felt like crap. I blame it on dinner and the significant other.
So, the lesson learned here is…
Stick with pizza and wings.

I love this idea.

Natick Mall Guru

OK Ladies… If you have a baby shower to go to and you are looking to give the mom-to-be something extra special, I have a great suggestion for you!

Of course the mom-to-be registers for a ton of stuff that she really needs for her little bundle of joy… But do you want to stand out and actually treat her to something unique that she is sure to LOVE?

Why not get a couple of friends together and go in on a great baby bag?? Think about it…. What could be better than being a super fashionable Mom with an awesome designer baby bag?

My girlfriends got one for me when I was expecting and it was such an awesome gift that I was so psyched about! 

Check out some of these great options from Coach!

Plus, you can always stuff the bag with some great items that are actually…

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What? Me, artsy craftsy? Never….

I have never been a diy girl. When I shop, I buy finished products. I’ve always been a busy person, always on the go. No time for diy. A scrapbook or two have been attempted before, but those remain unfinished. Baby books have gaps between the years.
My girls have been attending diy classes on Saturdays. They’ve built planters, terrariums, and trucks so far. It’s been fun to watch them have fun building things on their own. At times, I want to join in. Whoa. Did I just say that? Me, getting artsy craftsy? Yes.
Since moving to Charlotte and being pregnant, I’ve been wanting to be more diy. I have my mini gardens at the window sills (my boyfriend calls it a jungle). With Khloë on the way in 3 months, I want to make some things for her. So I’ve decided my first project will be… *drum roll please* to make her a….

I looked online for a style I liked and this one pictured is closest to what I want. The only difference will be a zebra print. Big project, right? I’ll be heading to my local crafts store this week to find materials. My next project will be a ABC personalized frame I saw featured on le zoe musings from The Stamping ‘Roo (links below).
Now, these are my first projects so I hope they come out great. Either way, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

How I try (and I use that term loosely) to sleep at night

When I was 3 months pregnant, I really began to have trouble sleeping. It was so uncomfortable. Pillows were stuffed everywhere. Behind my back, between my knees, under my shoulder, and of course, under my tummy. We were running out of pillows. Lets just say the kids room had a few pillows short. Snuggle time for me and my significant other was non-existent. I was trapped in a pillow fort.
As I was picking out items for my baby registry, I came across this…

It’s a Boppy Total Body Pillow. I didn’t know if this pillow was going to save me at night. It looked like it would at least release me from my pillow fort. So, we headed to my new favorite store, Babies ‘R’ Us to purchase it.
I am now 6 months and I’m still using it. I can’t say that sleeping is miraculously better, but I can say that it’s more comfortable. We have more space on our bed now that the fort is gone.
The pillow does have other uses other than sleep.

This is a pre and postnatal pillow. I definitely plan on using this after little Khloë is born. It is also coming with me to the hospital since they suggest I bring a pillow with me.
I bought my pillow from Babies ‘R’ Us, but you can also purchase it from, Destination Maternity, and from the Boppy website at

Some notes about the pillow:
It’s slipcover is machine washable
It retails at $57.99
Keep the case it comes in if you plan on traveling like me

I’m happy with my pillow and so is my family. Snuggle time has returned and my kids pillows somehow disappeared from my room when the Boppy was bought. I’m not sure who did it, but I have my suspicions.

3, 1, 6, 4

You’re probably wondering what the numbers mean. Right? Well, here it is.
3 Months
1 Week
6 Days
4 Hours
Until my due date. Are the rest of you pregnant moms counting down like me. This week my little one has discovered her little hands. I’m not sure if she’s in there fist pumping the night away or tickling me. I haven’t had a good nights sleep since December. I’m tired of sleeping on my left side. Lets just say I’m ready for August to be here.