So much for trying to take a walk..

It’s a beautiful day outside today. After breakfast, we decided to take a walk out on a nearby trail. I figured, it’s a shady trail, plenty of trees and stops on the way, what can go wrong?
Let me start with the fantastic views.

Wooded areas all over and benches and picnic tables every 1/4 mile or so. A creek was also along side of the trail. The entire trail is over 4 miles one way. What’s missing? A bathroom. Lets just say I made it a mile and a half before my little one decided she’d kick my bladder.
The trail has several exits/entrances into surrounding neighborhoods. So, we headed out to the nearest main road with a gas station. After the detour, we headed back to the main entrance. I began to notice that my hands were very itchy. When I looked at them, they were red and as fat as sausages. Great. I’m retaining water. I didn’t even want to know what my feet looked like. We had to stop again. So much for trying to exercise. After 5 minutes, we headed back a mile to the entrance.
Other than the physical ailments, we walked 2.5 miles today. This is a new record while pregnant.


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