Cravings or as I like to call it, my current obsession

I have always liked green onions and onion chives. Lately, I’ve been craving them…on EVERYTHING. I use them in every meal, whether it’s cooked in my meal or as a topping. It’s gotten so bad, that the rest of my little family have had enough. Too bad for them, because I’m still going to use them. I have even been growing a onion chives plant on my window sill. Whenever I need chives, I just grab my handy dandy scissors and cut a few off. I knew this became a craving/obsession when I cut up a whole bundle of green onions today for my chili. Please excuse the picture of my chili. I began cooking it and realized I didn’t have enough tomato sauce. I sent my boyfriend out to get me some more, so he didn’t see me add all of the chives and onions.
During my first pregnancy, I had cravings for tomatoes. Green tomatoes, red tomatoes, it didn’t matter. I wanted them on everything. Always fresh tomatoes though. At least my cravings have been healthy choices.
Side note: My chives grew like wildfire while I was on vacation. So, if you’re going to grow them, just beware.


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