Vacation is over

Well, I’m back in Charlotte after spending a week with my family in Florida. I would like to say things ended smoothly, but I can’t. On my last night, we attended a friends wedding. As the bride began to walk down the aisle, I was sitting and became very dizzy. Then my vision became blurred, I couldn’t hear and I began to sweat. My mom, who sat next to me, had to help me sit up. All I could think was please, please don’t let me pass out. After the bride walked down the aisle, my mom helped me to the bathroom. She got me a glass of water, and I sat on a bench in the bathroom. She had to fan me because sweat was running down my body. After a few minutes, I felt much better.
Now, what the heck happened?
My mom, a former nurse, said it may be my sugar levels. The baby was kicking and moving. So, that was a relief.
I’ve returned home and have notified my doctor. I’m waiting on a phone call back. Until then, the boyfriend has me on light duty. I’ll keep you posted on what the doctor says.


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