Vacation Week

I’m on spring break with the kiddies this week, no boyfriend. He decided to stay home while we vacation with my parents at their Florida home. I miss him terribly, but it’s good to get away.
Allergies are out of control down here. Zyrtec has not helped me at all. I’m going to ask the doctor about nasal sprays when I get back.
My mother toned down our vacation schedule (read last post). Thank goodness. All of the car riding and walking would’ve drove me and the little one crazy. Just the ride down here had me feeling like a beached whale.
I got to hang with a few of my friends. It was good to see them. A couple of them went on diets and are skinny. I outweigh them both (as I try to keep a smile on my face). Lucky for me, their old clothes now fit me (smile is now a strained look). At least I have a few fashionable pieces to wear. My decent bra hunt starts today. My cup size is dramatically different than pre Prego size. The best way I can explain it, two water/milk jugs hanging from my chest. The heaviness is causing me to breathe differently when I lay on my back.
Updates on the little one:
I officially turned 5 months last Sunday. She is now the length of a banana I believe. She has taken up Kung Fu in my tummy. I think if you listen closely, you can hear a baby hi-yah.
On Tuesday my own doctor called me (not the office, the man himself). I began to have a panic attack when he identified himself. This man has never called me personally. I always hear from the nurses on duty. So with him calling me personally, I panicked. He tells me that the blood tests came back for no birth defects, and the little one is a healthy baby. Huge sigh of relief. Later that day, I get another call from the doctors office. I panic again, did he read me someone else’s results? No, its the nurse. They need to switch my Monday appointment to Tuesday. Another sigh of relief.
Things are going well so far out here in Florida. I’ve finished my baby shower list with help from my parents and kids. We estimate 30 people (good grief). We will be having it here, since everyone I know lives here.
I must go now, my boyfriend keeps calling to check on us and for updates on the little one.
I’ll be back next week after vacation is over.


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