Quick Post for Research 3D Ultrasound

I’ve done the regular ultrasound with this pregnancy. Me and my love have talked about a 3d/4d ultrasound. He’s not convinced. I thought it would be kind of neat to get one down in my 3rd trimester. Being that my youngest is 7, I’ve never had it done because it was just getting popular back then. So, I’m doing a little research when I get back home; costs, best places, etc. I would love to hear any thoughts or comments, or if any of you have had one done. If we do decide (I’m going to have to convince him), then I’ll blog about the before, during and after, and about the different places in Charlotte that have it. So please leave me messages and comments on your experiences.


4 thoughts on “Quick Post for Research 3D Ultrasound

  1. To me ultrasounds should only be done when necessary. It’s a form of radiation. Which can’t be good for the baby. But if you feel it’s okay then that’s what you need to do. After all a mother knows best:)

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