Thank God For Friends

I must say, even though I’ve moved to Charlotte and away from family and friends, they are still a major part of my life. My good friend is planning and organizing my baby shower. She knows I don’t like to be put on display so she is fixing it so I’m not the center of attention (even though it’s my shower). I’m having a girl, but she knows I’m not down with the girly colors. Bright green and black are our colors. Food will be served, no finger foods and sandwiches for my shower. All I have to do is sit, greet, and eat.
My best friend is getting ready to make a major move and needs to downsize her belongings. So, I’m helping her clean up. She has some old clothes which are too big for her now, so I’ll be taking those off her hands. As my weight continues to rise (I’m 150 this week), I’ll need all I can get. This solves my clothes problem. I only have one pair of jeans and 3 tops that fit right now. My daily wardrobe consists of my boyfriends basketball shorts and oversized white t-shirts.
I’m heading to visit my family in Florida for a week. My bag is packed light since I really have nothing to put in it. Hopefully, I’ll come back with a full bag of clothes from my best friend. Blogging may or may not happen while I’m there. Reason, my mother has me on a crazy visit schedule and I’m not sure when I’ll have time. I think she’s forgotten that I’m 5 months pregnant and waddle when I walk (that’s another blog).


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