I don’t remember my hormones being this bad. It has been about 8 years since I’ve been pregnant. My face is teenage like. Pimples just pop up wherever. No amount of scrubbing my face or water drinking makes a difference.
*I am open to suggestions.
My emotional side, a whole other story. Pre-pregnancy I was not a crier. I’m tough, stubborn, take no crap from anyone. These days, I watch a movie or the news and get emotional. Tears well up, and I either turn the channel because I can’t take it or just keep watching. Last night for example, I watched HLN and 19 Kids and counting. I’ve been watching the Trayvon Martin shooting, and I get emotional whenever I see the mother. She just wants to know what happened to her son and no one has any straight answers. So I shout at the tv, someone tell her what happened, this isn’t right for her not to know why her baby is gone. My boyfriend thinks I’ve gone mad.
Then I watch 19 kids, and it’s the episode where she’s pregnant and finds out during an ultrasound the baby has died. After watching this, I tossed and turned all night. I kept tapping on my own stomach making sure my little one gave me a good kick. I just couldn’t imagine what they went through. I am just thankful for my growing family. Just thinking about it again has me emotional again.


2 thoughts on “Hormones

  1. Aren’t hormones wonderful? My skin is completely broken out and I haven’t found anything to fix it yet. Every time I look in the mirror I get a flashback to high school. Exfoliating at least once a day seems to help me, but it’s not a cure. I’m not sure about your skin type, but I’ve noticed that when my skin gets dry it breaks out even more, so be sure to moisturize.

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