Just a quick post

I think I was hit with a little bit of the nesting bug today. After blogging this morning, I decided to jump on the scale. I haven’t weighed myself since last weeks checkup. I was 145 last Monday. This Monday, 150. What? Why? 5 lbs? *A little background: I am naturally thin. Before pregnancy weight was 119. I’m 19 weeks this week.*
After my mini panic attack and a quick message to my boyfriend about my weight (to which he responded “good, very good”), I decided to clean our bathroom. I’m talking about bleach and gloves type cleaning. It wasn’t a big mess or anything, but I did want it sanitized. I scrubbed the tub, cleaned down the sink and mirror, and even cleaned the toilet. Then I started the laundry. Me and the girls are going down to Florida to visit my parents next week, so we are going to need clean clothes. By the time I finished all of this, the little one was doing handstands in my stomach. Time to call it quits.


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