Dear Seasonal Allergies, Please give me a break.

All of this great weather, birds singing, and flowers blooming, sounds wonderful right? Not for me. I can not breathe. I sneeze my head off. I’m having nosebleeds. I’m 19 weeks pregnant and I don’t think my little one likes it very much. She kicks me when I sneeze. My kids laugh everytime they hear my shrieking sneeze. My mother says put a pillow in front my stomach when I sneeze. Um, what exactly will that accomplish? My doctor has me on Zyrtec… Which makes me sleepy, but doesn’t help. Nights are by far the worse. I’m stuffy and can’t breathe. Plus the little one is happily snuggled on my bladder. Which means I pee every hour. Sleep is not something that happens often. My family wants to go outdoors and hang out. Our family outing to the movies was a disaster. Me sneezing through half the movies. I did manage not to get up and pee though.
We live on the third floor, so the windows are open, letting in that spring breeze. Me, I just sneeze. They laugh.


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