It started out as a relatively good day today. I got up, had some breakfast, and even found something to wear that didn’t make me look like a whale in tight clothes. I left with my boyfriend who had errands to take care of this morning. After that, we went to Buy Buy Baby. I signed for a registry a few days ago, and they said if u come in, you’ll receive a free gift. With my baby girl on the way, I love any freebies I can get ( that’ll be another blog named freebies). So far, a good day, until I get in the car. My stomach.. Just started to hurt, not contraction like, just annoying pain. No matter how I sat, it wouldn’t stop. My boyfriend wanted to get me to the hospital, but I told him no. I promised tomorrow that if I felt the same, I’d go. Im in bed now. The pain has eased up a bit, but I have to keep switching positions. Whoever said this was the honeymoon time of pregnancy lied.


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