6 days later

Having a headache for six days begins to do something to you…make you go crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I called my ob. Luckily, he was able to see me. He told me everything seemed normal, baby has a strong heartbeat, no bleeding from my hematoma in the last week. The only other pain I had been experiencing was round ligament pain. So he tells me, everything is fine. I just happen to have a headache WHILE being pregnant. I need to see my primary care doctor. So, off I go to the doctor, because another day of headaches is not for me. My doctor checks me over and sees that I have a huge knot in my shoulder. He says that can be the cause of my headache, which he has labeled as a tension headache. Great, the stress of the pregnancy has turned my shoulder muscle into a pretzel. In addition to the shoulder pain, he says it looks like I’ve been grinding my teeth at night. Even better. He prescribes a night guard for my mouth and my shoulder, a shot of Novocain. Uh oh… A shot , to my shoulder. This sounds painful. He says it’s not, it will basically shut off that muscle, giving my head relief from the last 6 days. Well at this point, as long as it’s safe for my baby, I’m willing to try anything. He uses spray to freeze the area, then gives me the shot of Novocain. I’m fine until he gets ready to take the needle out… Then I truly feel the pain. Burning.
This morning I’m happy to say that my headache is completely gone. Taking its place is this massive shoulder pain. I’ve traded one pain for another.


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